District Health & Safety Committee

2017-18 Health & Safety Committee Chairs & Alternates

TBU Committee Co-Chair & MWJHSC TBU Rep - Iwan Jugley, ELC
OSSTF MWJHSC TBU Alternate - Aaron Belding
OTBU Committee Co-Chair & MWJHSC OTBU Rep - David Kennedy

All Ontario workers have a duty under the Occupational Health & Safety Act to report hazards to their employer, and employers have a duty to ensure a safe and healthy workplace. OSSTF District 22 Niagara is represented on the DSBN Multi-Workplace Joint Health & Safety Committee by the following members and alternates. Contact one of these members or alternates if you have a Health & Safety concern that cannot be resolved with the assistance of your DSBN Health & Safety Site Representative and your Principal, or if you require additional assistance in resolving any Health & Safety concern.

 D22 Health & Safety Committee Meetings: 

Each OSSTF Branch should have a Rep on the D22 Health & Safety Committee, regardless whether an OSSTF member is the DSBN Health & Safety Site Representative as determined by all workers at the worksite according to the DSBN Site Health & Safety Representative Selection Process. An OSSTF member who is the DSBN Site Health & Safety Rep is often also chosen by the OSSTF members of the worksite as the OSSTF D22 Branch Health & Safety Representative.

2017-2018 MEETINGS

Meetings are held at the OSSTF District Office starting at 4:00 p.m.

Wed., October 25, 2017
Wed., November 29, 2017
Wed., February 28, 2018
Wed., April 25, 2018
Wed., June 13, 2018


To access forms, click on H&S Reporting.


 This is an important part of the your employer's obligation and it therefore is taken seriously by your employer, even though many teachers might see this as peripheral to their busy daily schedule having its own demands. Training is accessed through the DSBN Employee Portal and includes modules on the following:

- Violence & Harassment in the Workplace
- WHMIS Training
- Anaphylaxis
- Asbestos Awareness
- Germ Prevention Program
- Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention
- Safe Use of Ladders
- Understanding MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders)
- Lockdown, Hold and Secure & Shelter in Place
- Evacuation of Non Ambulatory Persons (Stair Chairs)
- Health and Safety at Work: Prevention Starts Here


Each DSBN worksite where more than five employees work has its own Site Health and Safety Representative, selected by the non-management workers. The Site Rep could be an OSSTF, CUPE, APSSP or ETFO member. The primary duty of the Site Rep is to conduct monthly workplace inspections and meet with the school administrator to follow up. Once per year the Site Rep also identifies priorities for a member of the Multi Workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee on an annual inspection and accompanies the MWJHSC member on the annual inspection. Training and time release from other duties is provided for the Site Rep by the DSBN. The DSBN has an online system for filing monthly inspection reports.


Click on Provincial Health & Safety Webpage to access different links on the OSSTF Provincial Health & Safety webpage such as...

  • Indoor Air Quality Occupant Interview Form
  • Worker’s Compensation Fact Reporting Form
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment: Understanding the Law
  • The Health & Safety Handbook for OSSTF Reps


The Workers Health and Safety Centre has developed leading-edge aimed at preparing workplace parties to play a proactive role in securing hazard-free work environment. The Workers Centre has more than 100 hazard-specific awareness, skill development and occupational health and safety leadership development programs ready for immediate delivery, or which can be customized for the needs of a specific workplace.


- Click on WHSC Scholarships for more information.


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